Goodman Pluses

Buildco Projects were approached by long time client Diadem to translate the customers idea into reality. The three pluses represent the Goodman branding, and Goodman wanted the new Interchange Park at Eastern Creek to be memorable in terms of Goodman branding. The structures are made of portal steel frames clad in alucabond with light boxes to all three ends.


The structures are each constructed of approx 6.5 tonnes of steel which sit on 20 cubic metres of 45Mpa each. The total surface area of each plus is 273 square metres. The end pluses sit at an angle of 10 degrees while the middle plus leans back on an angle of 20 degrees. The end result is quite a sight to behold, especially when lit up at night.

Project name:

Goodman Pluses


Interchange Park Eastern Creek




$ 600,000


Construct and install steel pluses

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