About Us

Who we are

Buildco Projects uses its experience and expertise in all types of Project Delivery Methods in order to deliver smarter projects focusing on our client’s Time, Cost, and Quality requirements.
We deliver this through the following key areas:


We Are Client Focused
We understand, interact and establish trust and honesty with our clients. This allows us to consult on the most feasible options and provide unbiased advice on construction methods and processes.


We Manage Skills
We assess the skills required to provide each element of the construction process which is implemented on a project specific basis. We then assign the skills to tradespeople and manufacturers who are capable of carrying out the job in a timely and quality rich manner. This skills base is also a requirement of our directly employed staff, where construction qualification is mandatory and the constant development of skills and training encouraged.


Total Project Delivery Process
we work with our clients from the inception of the business idea through the planning stages, to the construction of the final product. We strategically plan the construction process to avoid logistical and technical incompatibility issues.


Total Quality Management (TQM)
We adopt a people focused management system which integrates all the functions and processes within an organisation to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of the service we provide. We manage performance, reliability, conformance, durability, intended aesthetic value and serviceability of our finished product. We have found that by managing quality we are able to save costs in the long run by decreasing the use of resources spent addressing quality issues.


Adding Value To Your Investment
We achieve better returns for clients through lower costs and improved revenue solutions by value engineering. During the tender process we are able to provide competitive alternatives to many products, services and construction techniques on the market.

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